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We pride ourselves on our customer experience. We understand a lot of this has to do with turnaround times!

Prior to templating, we ask for as much notice as you can allow. We advise leasing with your kitchen fitter and once you’ve got a date, just let us know. This can always be changed if need!

From templating to fitting is a quick turnaround. However, this can be dependent on the chosen material. When you receive a quote, just ask us to elaborate a bit more and we can be more specific for you!

Templating is the first time you’ll see one of our teams on site. We want to ensure your worktops are fitted ASAP. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Be on site when we visit – we will work to your specifics when on site.
  2. Make arrangements for worktops to be removed – please let us know if we need to do this during the quoting process!
  3. Have all appliances on site – when we arrive for templating we need your hob, sink and any other cut outs on site. Please there are not fitted unless this is a Belfast sink!
  4. Ensure all units are fixed – when we template all units must be fitted to ensure there’s no movement. This may have a knock on effect
  5. Remove tiles – if you have tiles, please remove any that may prevent templating upstands or backsplashes.

Choosing your material is completely subjective. Quartz, Granite, Dekton and Exotics (quartzite) have their own positives.

However, we source all our materials from reputable suppliers meaning you will never want on quality! We always advise choosing a colour you love and working backwards from there.

And remember, we’re always on hand offer advice!

Yes. Everything is kept in house. When you are ready for templating, we will visit to get the exact measurements, fabricate in our state of the art factory and our expert fitting teams will be back shortly after!

Granite and Quartz tend to be the go-to material for kitchen work surfaces. Granite is 100% pure natural stone. This is formed deep in the Earth from compressed minerals. Quartz is a man made product made up of quartz stone, crushed resin and colour pigments.

In short, Granite is a natural product and can vary from sheet to sheet. Quartz is a man made product which be the same colour from sheet to sheet.

Absolutely! Our range of materials are a great way of freshening up a bathroom or utility! They can also be used for tables, shelf pieces, fire hearths and everything in between!

If you are looking for something outside or by direct heat (like a fire hearth or outside bbq) you must use Granite or Dekton.

We are more than happy to advise further on this, so just let us know!

Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature. It’s an ultra-compact and high-performance surface, offering endless design possibilities for out and indoor spaces!

Dekton is highly scratch, stain and fire/heat resistant making it perfect for any project!